Meet our team


Jenny Beck QC (Hons)


Jenny is a founding director and an award-winning family lawyer committed to accessible justice and the rights of the individual. She specialises in complex financial disputes and helping resolve arrangements for children.  She is an accredited Resolution specialist and an Advanced Family Law Panel member. In 2021 Jenny was made an Honorary Queens Counsel (QC Honoris Causa)

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Susan fitzgerald


Susan is a founding director and a Specialist Family Practitioner with particular expertise in care work, adoption and child abduction cases.

She is an accredited member of The Law Society’s Children Panel and a Resolution accredited specialist.

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amy woolfenden


Amy is a senior solicitor specialising in child care law. She represents children, parents and other family members in care proceedings. Amy is a member of The Law Society’s Children Panel.

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Sarah Stace

Chartered Legal Executive

Sarah Stace is a senior Chartered Legal Executive specialising in the resolution of financial disputes arising from separation for both married and unmarried couples. Sarah is a Resolution accredited specialist in complex financial remedy and cohabitation and committed to finding solutions which are fair and cost effective.

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Molly Ashcroft


Molly specialises in the law relating to relationship breakdown, divorce, separation, financial disputes and arrangements for children. In addition she runs the Emergency Steps Team and is committed to providing an efficient and effective service in a way that is both professional and empathetic.

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Lauren Baldi


Lauren is a solicitor at Beck Fitzgerald specialising in public and private cases concerning children. Lauren provides a thorough, friendly and professional approach to all her cases and her empathetic approach is regularly remarked upon.

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Lucy Jones-Clarkson


Lucy is a solicitor at Beck Fitzgerald specialising in separation, divorce, financial disputes and settling arrangements for children. She is hugely dedicated to her clients and works tirelessly to get the right results.

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Flora Hughes


Flora specialises in public and private law children work. She has an empathetic approach and is totally committed to providing support and works tirelessly to ensure that her clients’ needs are met.

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Alex Field


Alex undertakes a wide range of private children, finance and divorce work in addition to emergency steps work to assist victims of domestic abuse. She works closely with Jenny Beck on complex cases and remains wholly committed to providing a friendly and efficient service.

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Bethan Ratcliffe

Trainee Solicitor

Bethan specialises in domestic abuse and cases concerning children. She works closely with Amy Woolfenden in supporting and assisting on more complex public law cases. She is committed to ensuring clients are fully understood and supported and is dedicated to promoting access to justice.

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Rebecca Pantelli

Trainee Solicitor

Rebecca specialises in domestic abuse cases where she works hard to achieve the right results for clients.  She works closely with Jenny Beck on more complicated cases concerning divorce and separation, financial settlement and arrangements for children.

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Evangeline Pritchard

Trainee Solicitor 

Evangeline undertakes domestic abuse cases and works hard to secure emergency protection for clients. She is committed to providing a friendly and efficient service providing ongoing advice and support to clients throughout their cases. She works with Susan Fitzgerald on more complicated public law cases

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Georgiana Farnell

Trainee Solicitor

Georgiana specialises in domestic abuse cases and cases concerning children. She has an empathetic approach and is often praised for her diligence and commitment to her clients. She works closely with Jenny Beck on more complicated cases concerning divorce and separation.

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Meredith Lawton


Meredith specialises in domestic abuse cases. She is dedicated to listening and understanding her clients’ needs and works hard and effectively to achieve great results. Meredith works closely with the care team to support them on their cases

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Eko Shosholli

Finance and facilities

Eko has been supporting law firms for over a decade with practical administrative and technical expertise.  His positive attitude and focus on solutions helps us deliver our services to our clients in a modern and efficient way saving both time and expense.

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Robert Hush

Consultant – Lawyer

Robert is an experienced family lawyer helping private clients through divorce and separation and dealing with issues concerning children and finance in addition to advising on inheritance claims.

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Working at Beck Fitzgerald

We are a specialist family law firm committed to access to justice and the rights of the individual. We are based in modern offices in Tower Bridge and Chancery Lane.

Our working culture is one of hard work, but great fun, we have an active programme of social events. We regularly take part in events to support our clients including the London Legal Walk.

Social mobility

We actively encourage diversity and take an inclusive approach to building our teams.  We recognise that there is enormous advantage in focusing on individual talent which will take many different forms and include approaches, behaviours and other experience in addition to academic and other achievements. We recognise that opportunity is not equal and our approach to recruitment is designed to ensure that we look at individual skillsets rather than focusing on schools, universities and grades. We are concerned that the law should not be elitist and that diversity is of benefit to us all and, particularly, to our clients.

We recognise that it is difficult for many to even secure experience and opportunity within the legal system and we are therefore working in partnership with Brunel University to provide mentoring, shadowing and placement opportunities for students.
If you are interested in working with us please send your CV and covering letter 

If you would like more information about our services or our wider work on making the law fairer then please call us on 020 7101 3090 or email us on