Divorce and ending civil partnerships 

Splitting up is never easy and can be deeply distressing. You may not see eye to eye over the financial arrangements. Although you might agree the relationship is over, the emotions involved can often make reaching agreement quite difficult.

The legal position for married couples and unmarried couples is quite different and it is very important that you fully understand what the law says about your particular situation so that you can try to negotiate a fair and sensible way forward. We are experienced in advising and representing people going through separation including where there are complicating legal and emotional aspects. We deal with high net worth cases and others where resources are very tight.

We always take the time to understand your emotional and practical needs so we can help you find the best way forward to bring your relationship to a fair conclusion enabling you to move on with dignity and self-respect.

More detailed information about the divorce process can be found here.


Matrimonial finances 


At Beck Fitzgerald we encourage a collaborative approach to reaching a fair settlement when relationships break up. We will listen to you, understand your needs and anxieties, and will work with you to try to find the solution that works for your family so that you can move forward.

We work with you to ensure that you fully understand your choices and the costs involved with the various options open to you.  We can advise you on dispute resolution options, including negotiation, mediation and collaborative ways to settling any disputes you have.

Where cases can’t be settled by agreement and without the need to go to court, we will help you through the court process and will represent you sensitively and robustly so that you can secure a fair outcome.

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I can’t recommend Jenny and her team enough. In fact, I consider myself very lucky that Jenny was recommended to me for my divorce proceedings. I knew the moment I met her I was in safe hands. She is outstanding at the legal side and bang up to date with all developments in her business. She is warm, compassionate and relentless in her pursuit of a fair settlement. Above all, Jenny has a natural ability to illuminate the big picture throughout negotiations – which is genuinely reassuring in difficult times.

Jenny was understanding, non-judgemental and supportive. When you are dealing with this level of stress and emotional disruption, it is vital to have someone who can help you to cut through the red tape and give you sound advice, as Jenny did.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Beck Fitzgerald especially to Lucy and Joss for your professionalism, excellent work, kindness and understanding, especially on those occasions where I must have asked pretty silly questions! At a time when things were very volatile, stressful and highly anxious but I always felt that however busy you and everyone was, I was always lent a sympathetic ear!

I am grateful and could not have wished for a better outcome for my settlement!! Once again thank you for all your efforts during negotiations..
I would highly recommend Beck Fitzgerald



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