Working with the neurodivergent community

Working with the neurodivergent community 

We are proud to be founding members of Family Law Advice for the Neurodivergent Community (FLANC). This is a group of expert lawyers dedicated to ensuring that the neurodivergent community has equal access to justice by addressing barriers to participation in family proceedings and dispute resolution. We are passionate about increasing awareness and driving change through collaboration and education, across the legal sector and beyond.

Our firm represents parents and children in both public and private family law proceedings. Our team is specifically qualified to understand the practical challenges faced by the neurodivergent community.

Within public law proceedings, members of our team have gained a special qualification in understanding autism. We ensue the right assessments are undertaken at the right time to ensure needs are met.

During matters concerning contact arrangements between parents and other family members, our understanding of the needs of neurodivergent children and/or family members involved, enables us to ensure that those needs are central to those arrangements for the care of the children.

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