Funding your case

Fair, fixed fees

Hourly rates

We are wholly committed to a transparent pricing structure so that you understand the likely costs of your case from the outset and can make informed and cost effective decisions as to how your case is run.  We work together with you to provide you with the legal advice you need at the time you need it so you can stay  in control. We have a range of hourly rates depending on the qualification of your legal adviser.  We work together in teams so that you can have the benefit of the expertise of a Senior Solicitor whilst still keeping the costs down by having any appropriate work done at a more junior level.

Our hourly rates range from £120 per hour to £240 per hour exclusive of VAT.

Fixed fee divorce services

Managed Divorce

For a straight-forward managed divorce, we can conduct the entire process on your behalf for £750 exclusive of VAT. There is an additional court fee of £550 in order to file the paperwork and secure the decree absolute.  This package does not include advice on matters ancillary to the divorce such as finances or children. This package is available for straight-forward cases however should the case become more complicated or require translations of marriage certificates or personal service of paperwork we will discuss with you the most cost effective way of completing the work necessary.

Low Cost Divorce

The government has recently reduced the scope for legal aid and it is now only possible to secure legal aid to get divorced if you can evidence that you have been the victim of domestic abuse.  If you are in receipt of benefits and would have qualified for legal aid before the recent changes, we can offer our low cost package which is subject to the same restrictions as the managed divorce package but costs £500 excluding VAT. In addition, the court fee of £550 needs to be met however exemptions can apply for low income applicants.


We offer a fixed fee consultation which lasts for an hour and costs £200 exclusive of VAT.  During the meeting we can give you clear, concise advice on your legal situation and the options open to you.  This meeting is followed up by a letter of advice.

Legal Aid

We are wholly committed to advising, assisting and representing clients wherever possible through legal aid.  Legal aid is still available for family law cases in certain circumstances, but it is subjected to financial eligibility tests which change from time to time.  To view the most up to date information please go to  If you are in any doubt as to whether or not you could be eligible to legal aid please contact us for further advice.

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