About Lucy

Lucy qualified in 2019 and has been undertaking family law work since 2015. She specialises in all aspects of separation and divorce, finances and matters concerning children.

She is hugely dedicated to her clients and works hard to get the right results. She takes a collaborative approach to trying to resolve issues efficiently and effectively wherever possible and demonstrates a tactical ability way beyond her years of qualification.

Lucy is committed to the promotion of the rights of the individual recognising that all should be able to access justice. She regularly represents clients under legal aid and at affordable rates for those who are ineligible for legal aid.

Lucy is exactly the kind of person I needed on my side while going through a difficult divorce. When emotions were running high, Lucy’s steady and pragmatic demeanour shone through. I am eternally grateful to Lucy for everything she did for me throughout my divorce proceedings; nothing was ever too much. She worked tirelessly for me and my children and she was always at the other end of the phone to give guidance and calm my nerves. I trusted Lucy to get things done the right way, the first time and she never let me down.

A client

I am very happy with the service I received from Lucy. She was very prompt and understanding. It really helped that she were always there to talk things over and give professional and legal opinion whenever I asked….I would recommend Lucy to anyone who is going through any type of family proceedings

A client

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