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About Susan

Susan Fitzgerald is a co-founder of Beck Fitzgerald. The practice was established in order to provide excellent family law services in a way which is accessible and modern and also with the aim of influencing changes to make the family justice system fairer to families and children.

Susan is a specialist care practitioner who has been on the Children Panel since 1998.  She acts for both parents and children, in the latter case receiving instructions from their Children’s Guardian. Susan also regularly acts for parents who lack litigation capacity and in these cases she works closely with the Official Solicitor. Susan is an excellent advocate and  undertakes a range of highly complex public law work including cases involving non-accidental injury, deprivation of liberty orders, neglect, sexual and emotional abuse. She also acts in adoption matters and other complex cases between parents involving their children.

An Accredited Specialist, Susan has considerable experience in acting for parents in international child abduction cases and disputes alongside private law children and domestic abuse cases.

Susan takes an holistic approach to her clients needs taking time to ensure that they are properly understood so that she can ensure their voices are properly heard. Her professionalism and compassionate approach are regularly commented on by both clients and other professionals with whom she works.

What motivates Sue is to ensure that her clients are able to fully and fairly participate in their case and achieve the best and fairest outcome.  She is proud to work with such an excellent team who are so committed to doing their very best for their clients.

Specialist Accreditations include:

Membership of The Law Society’s Children Panel
Resolution Accredited Specialist status in child abduction, private law children and domestic abuse

Susan Fitzgerald is an excellent child care lawyer who has extensive experience and knowledge of representing children in court. Susan is always reliable and professional and when she is appointed to a case, I know that she will represent a child’s wishes and feelings accurately. She works with children and young people in a sensitive and confident way.

A Children's Guardian

I act as a professional, lay litigation friend, so I am one remove from the client. This means that it is important to me that the Solicitor I instruct gives me clear advice, but is also someone who is willing to make allowances for any vulnerabilities / limitations of the protected party-which can mean that dealing with them can take longer than other clients. Susan took the time to keep our client in the picture, to the extent that this was possible

A Lay Litigation Friend

In addition to your expertise you have been very patient with me and particularly good at explaining things.  This has given me a lot of comfort and has made me feel prepared for what is to come.

A Client

I would like to say a big thank you to Susan, Evangeline and my barrister for all the amazing hard work and support they have given me over the last year. You guys are amazing and have done such a great job, I couldn’t have asked for better, you were always professional, made sure I understood everything and made me feel very comfortable. Thank you !

A Client

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Domestic abuse awareness…much to be done

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The Times best law firms

The Times Best Law Firms   Beck Fitzgerald are delighted to have been named in The Times ‘Best Law Firms 2023’ publication for family law. This is a brilliant achievement for the firm and acknowledges the hard work and dedication of the team. We would like to thank...

Until we have a level playing field justice will remain a challenge

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Beck Fitzgerald appoints two new Directors and five Associates

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The Problem with the nuts and bolts…

How process and procedure mitigate against fairness in cases involving coercive and controlling behaviour in the family courts. I want to take a few moments to give you my thoughts about how process and procedure (often way before cases arrive in court) inadvertently...

The Domestic Abuse Act

The Domestic Abuse Bill received royal ascent on the 29th April 2021 and will be implemented later this year.  The Act brings in important changes, many of which have been received positively by the sector and will lead to important developments enabling practitioners...