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Together we will work on a plan to secure the best outcome for you and your family.

It is always better to try to reach agreement about arrangements for children and we can help you try to find a way of doing this, if necessary via mediation or by negotiating on your behalf. Where this doesn’t work it is sometimes necessary to involve the court to secure a fair and safe solution. If this does become necessary we will represent you with sensitivity and vigor to ensure the right outcome for your children.

Agreeing arrangements for children on separation is probably the most important aspect of relationship breakdown. It can feel like an emotional minefield, you may not see eye to eye on important decisions such as where the children will live and who they will see, or specifics such as which school they should go to or whether or not one of you can take them on holiday.

Protecting the children from the harm of sparring parents is every parent’s responsibility.  You may no longer love each other but doubtless you both love your children and they need a safe and secure relationship with you both. Beck Fitzgerald specialises in advising and representing parents who need our help to ensure the right decisions are reached about their children’s lives so that the children can continue to grow in a safe and loving environment after the separation of their parents. Our approach is child-focused.  We put the children’s interests first and will discuss a range of solutions with you so that we can properly understand your concerns and anxieties.

child protection

If social services become involved with your family because they are concerned about the welfare of a child, it is very important that you seek early, expert advice so that you can understand exactly what is happening and how best to protect yourself and your children.You should not wait until social services decide to issue court proceedings (often called care proceedings) and the earlier you act the more options you will have.

Beck Fitzgerald specialises in advising and representing parents who need our help when social services have become involved with their families. Our expert solicitors will work with you to make sure you understand all the options open to you and once we will make sure we understand your position.  We are able to represent you throughout court proceedings and help you get any additional help and support that you need.

child abduction

If one of your children is taken out of your care and taken abroad without your permission or you believe that they are about to be, you will need to take urgent action to prevent them being removed or secure their return.  Beck Fitzgerald specialises in child abduction work.

Susan Fitzgerald has extensive experience in acting for parents in cases where children have been removed both within the UK and abroad.

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