Woman contests rules that could force her to cross-examine ex-partner in court

A victim of domestic violence, who is surviving on universal credit but has been denied legal aid in a battle to hold on to her home, is challenging strict regulations that could force her to cross-examine her former partner in court. The woman, known as Claire (not her real name), has launched a judicial review of the refusal to provide funding made by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA). Without legal aid, she cannot pay for a lawyer and will have no option but to represent herself. Her challenge will be heard in the high court on Tuesday.

LAA regulations take into account any so-called trapped capital in the home she jointly owns with her ex-partner when assessing her eligibility to legal aid.

Reproduced from the Guardian. https://www.theguardian.com/law/2020/jun/09/domestic-violence-legal-aid-judicial-review-cross-examine-partner-court